Delonghi Coffee And Espresso Maker

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If i make latte wrong, can i get just hot milk or hot water?

Ok, here the thing.
i am new to making coffee and may buy a machine in the future. The one i like is DeLonghi BCO120T Coffee and Espresso Maker Black. I want both coffee and latte, espresso, etc. except i also want to have the option to have hot water or milk on the side. I want to know if i keep the tip (frother) I can get only hot milk? I also like to know about the same with water?

Note: I wanted the hot water separate from the coffee. That way i can have hot coffee brewing and have hot water/milk for somebody else.

the frother will warm up milk (get a milk thermometer) to 140 degrees and you can use the same process to warm water to 140.

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